In FSBOX we utilise any striking tool to achieve our primary objective of getting home safely with minimum ordeal. There are no competitive rules or referees to enforce them in a street brawl so we make use of the body’s natural weapons and improvised tools to hand to level the playing field.

FS Box blends:

  1. Kali / Escrima - a weapons based martial arts ecosystem from the Philippines 

  2. Silat - an Indo-Malay martial arts ecosystem 


Unlike art focussed systems we also pay attention to attacker behaviour and apply true dynamics of street fights to our teaching.

We deal with assailants who use deception tactics to get us to lower our guard just enough to prime us for an attack. It’s common knowledge that a street assault could involve numerous assailants so we train to deal with the possibility of non-compliant and aggressive multiple attackers. 

Simplicity and adaptability:

We take the core movements and covers from a selection of martial arts and apply them to our instinctive reactions so that we can defend and attack as soon as possible.

Self-protection must cater for the complete beginner not just the seasoned trainee, so our solutions are not reliant on strength but natural reflexive movements and targeting of vulnerable points to weaken our opponent.

Our teaching method:

FSBOX is designed with the sole purpose of only providing the information that you'll need and ultimately what will work under live conditions. No flashy techniques or over complicated manoeuvres here. 

In FSBOX, you will gain a deeper understanding of how you react under pressure, and find out exactly what works for you via the pressure testing that all students will undertake within the system.

Our training environment:

It all sounds daunting doesn't it? The truth is experiencing and training for violence is a serious subject. Our highly experienced instructors will be there to guide you safely through training regardless of your ability level or previous experience. We all started at ground zero at some point. You'll gain confidence in both the mental and physical sense, get fit and enjoy training with like minded people. 

Understand your options in confrontation: 

Being physical is not the only resort. We teach options to avoid, escape, verbally de-escalate and prevent attacks from happening in the first place.

We are not a 'sport' or an 'art':

Learning 'the Arts' is a beautiful and never ending task. Depending on your teacher/system it could be a fruitless one if your training hasn't resembled what violence actually looks like.

  • Our approach is to operate by simple principles not techniques or patterns of movement

  • We've removed compliant partners and foresight to an attack

  • We've stripped away complicated, flashy and unnecessary techniques

  • To the physical attributes we then add tenacity and develop the combat mindset required to prevail

Filipino Street Boxing

The awesome power of South East Asian Self Defence 

Self defence for everybody:

Fillipino Street Boxing is perfect for people wanting a 'low maintenance' self defence art - to be used when you need it. You don't need to be super fit, or super strong. 

The power of FS Box is in its simplicity, adaptability and strategy. 

It's great for:

  • Children

  • Women

  • Men

  • Old

  • Young

Anatomy of an FS Box class:

Tool development:

Learn how to use hammerfists, punches, elbows, knees, kicks, throws and grappling

Threat detection:

Learn how to identify, escape or evade conflict

Scenario training:

Combine theory and practice as you tackle a variety of threat scenarios on pads, in groups and in sparring format


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